Monday, November 28, 2011

Crazy KitKat

Hello my raviolis.  Grampy and grandma-ma spent thanksgiving in NY with Kit Kat and her family. We had such a good time and while there, I showed her how to make a no sew tutu.  Using tulle on rolls, you cut them in lengths of 20 inches (start by cutting about 50 of them) and then measure a piece of elastic around your waiste and tie it off.  You will then tie each piece of tulle around the elastic band.  To make this easier, slip the elastic band around a small pillow or a binder as shown in the photo below, while you are tying each piece to the elastic. 

You keep tying the tulle until the elastic is covered and then your tutu is finished and read to wear.

Silly Kit Kat decided to shove some tulle up Grampy's nose. Grampy is a good sport.
Kaitlyn then decided that Grampy should wear the tutu...on his head.  It sure is pretty with all of the pink and lilac tulle.
Kaitlyn decided that Diesel should also wear the tutu on his head.  That is one crazy Kit Kat.
Finally, the crazy Kit Kat put the tutu on her head.  Silly girl, you are supposed to wear it around your waist.  I can see you are having fun with your tutu.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Trees

Hello my raviolis.  Grandma-ma went to a Christmas Open House at one of her favorite shops.  They had lots of pretty things and a lot of unique christmas trees.  Here are a few photos of those fun trees.

This was a silver glitter tree. It sparkled a lot.

This tree was silver and filled with tiny elves.

Grampy would like this tree.  It was a palm tree filled with parrots in bright colors. 

Grandma-ma thought this was a fun tree as it was filled with old quad plate.

This was a huge tree and stuffed full of teddy bears.  It was a lot of fun to look at.

This was a princess tree.  Can you guess why?  Look closely.

Here is picture of the top of the princess tree.  Now can you see why it is called that?

We don't get a lot of snow in the south so a dealer made her own snowballs out of stryfoam and glitter.

Have a wonderful day my ravs.  Grandma-ma loves you.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Roadtrip around America

Hello my ravioilis.  Today I have a wonderful video to share with you.  This young man took video of all of the places he drove through when he decided to road trip around America visiting friends and relatives.  It put together almost 3 hours worth of video and then sped it up for a 5 minute trip around our beautiful country.

Grandma-ma and Grampy have driven through many of these places but there are a lot that we haven't.  I love to roadtrip, don't you?  Have a wonderful day, ravs.  Grandma-ma loves you. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween House

Hello my raviolis.  While you were out trick or treating, grandma-ma drove to her bosses house to see the Halloween light show he had going. It was really neat so I took a picture and a short video for you. 
There were fog machines and lots of lights and huge lit masks that looked like they were singing songs.

A short video of the singing ghost faces.  They sang lots of different Halloween songs.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  My boss built all of the light shows and set up the music and the light ghosts with controllers so they sing and move to the music.  He is a very clever man.  Have a wonderful day my raviolis. Love grandma-ma.