Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Word of the week Wednesday

Yes, today is word of the week Wednesday again.  And today's word is a little word but a NEAT word.  I bet you use it everyday and don't realize it.  It has three letters in it and two are the same.  Did you guess the word?  Well, the word is:


This nifty, little word is an interjection that express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.  Like this sentence, "Wow! I sure had a great vacation."

Wow, that sure is a happy family.

Wow, that is a narrow passage way.

This is a video of grandma-ma's favorite Schoolhouse Rock song.  It is a very catchy tune.

Interjections, shows excitement, shows emotion!
So remember to use the word "Wow" in three sentences today.  I bet this will be an easy Word of the Week Wednesday today.  Here is grandma-ma's first sentence: 
Wow, I sure wish I went on that neat vacation with you.  Have a wonderful and "Wow" day. (that's two sentences for grandma-ma...."Wow")  Love Grandma-ma

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's another happy day

Hello my happy raviolis.  Today is another wonderful day.  We have our loved ones, our friends and our home.  We are all so very lucky.  So today I thought I would post photos that are happy or funny or just neat.

I still don't know why this bunny rabbit has pancakes on its head...I just like it.

 This is a photo of a large head of coral and it looks just like a happy face to grandma-ma.  I took this photo when snorkeling in Green Turtle Key, Bahamas. 

I like this photo of happy children playing with the bunny rabbit in leaves.  They look like they are having a lot of fun.

 This is the happiest kitty I have ever seen.  She looks like she has a silly joke to share with us.  

How neat is this reggea wig made from pretty twists of yarn.  I would wear it, would you?
Let me know with a comment and have a happy, happy day today. Grandma-ma and Grampy love you. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tuckered out Raviolis

Look at these beautiful yet tuckered out raviolis.  What did you do today that all three of your are sound asleep? 
Were you at a picnic?  Did you go to the pool?  Were you visiting family?
Grandma-ma and Grampy and Aunt Renee want to know what you did today.  Love and kisses to you all.  Grandma-ma

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camping in Moab, Utah

Good morning raviolis.  I thought it would be fun to imagine where the Aurora raviolis are taking their vacation route.  Below is a map showing they will drive from Aurora, Colorado to Moab Utah.  Aaron and Cristi said it would be about a 5 hour drive.  I hope they brought lots of road trip snacks and car games to play with for two hungry boys and a sweet girl.

I have never been to Moab, Utah but I have heard and seen many pictures of this area.  It is beautiful and the Aurora ravs are going to see many wonderful things.  I wish I could be there with them.

They will go camping in a big tent that Grampy sent them for Christmas one year.  Everyone can fit inside including Squirt.

I hope they visit the Great Arch. 

Aaron says there are lots of petroglyphs to see.  I like petroglyphs, especially the hand prints.  I hope they take lots of pictures for Grandma-ma.

This early artist was very busy.  Lots of pictures to look at and all carved in stone.
This sure sounds like a wonderful trip to me.  Have a wonderful day my raviolis.  Grandma-ma loves you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Word of the Week Wednesday

Hello Wednesday raviolis.  Today's word is a "terrific" word.  It always makes everyone happy when they hear it.  Today's word is:

Everyone loves to take a vacation. 

You can go to the beach.

You can go camping.

Sometimes the best vacations are the ones you take in your back yard.

Today, the Aurora raviolis are taking a vacation. They are piling into a Jeep Wrangler along with mom and Aaron and Squirt and lots of camping equipment and they are traveling to Utah to spend 5 days of camping.  They are going to have a wonderful time.  I wonder if Aaron remembered to bring Jiffy Pop along? 

When Aaron and Jason were little, we always brought Jiffy Pop along to pop over the campfire and then use the pan to make fresh, blueberry muffin cake the next morning for breakfast.  When they get back, I will have to ask if they had blueberry muffin cake made in a jiffy pop pan.

So please use the word vacation in three sentences today.  Here is grandma-ma's first sentence.   Grampy and Grandma-ma just returned from their vacation in the Bahamas.

Love to you all my huggable raviolis.  Grandma-ma

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Official Day of Summer

Hello my summer time raviolis.  Did you know that TODAY is the official day of Summer?  Yes, June 21st is the official day of summer so let the summer time good times begin!!!

Jump for joy, skip rope, and kick up your heels.  
It's summertime!!!

Play in the water at your local pool, or use the sprinkler at your house. There is nothing as much fun as playing in the water with your family and your friends. 

Now, summertime is the best time for reading a good book.  Grandma-ma loves to sit on the cool grass and read.  In fact, Grandma-ma and Grampy have a summertime contest for you.  Over the summer, if you can read 10 books (your choice) and send us a list of what you read and which was your favorite book, we will send you to your favorite pizza place for supper on us.  Now we can't be there to enjoy it with you, but you can enjoy pizza with your family.  You can ask both Jason and Aaron about reading for Pizza.  When they were little boys, our local Pizza Hut used to have a summer reading program and for every 10 books you would receive a personal pan pizza.  So start getting a list of books you would like to read and start your summer reading program.  Grandma-ma and Grampy want to send you on a Pizza reading party.  Have a wonderful summer my ravs.  Grandma-ma

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Pelican Comes to Visit

While Grampy and I were in the Bahamas and visiting Man of War Cay (sounds like key), a pelican came to visit us. Now, what makes this visit special is that pelicans are NOT native to the Bahamas. They are rarely ever seen here. This brown pelican came slowly swimming out from between a dock full of boats and when he could not find any fish to eat, he swam over to where our little sail boat was docked.

Watch his little back legs move smoothly through the water as he paddles all around the boats looking for some tiny fish. He came to visit us twice while we were at the dock. I liked watching him swim in between the boats, don't you? Love to all my ravs.

Word of the week Wednesday

Hello my happy raviolis. Today is Wednesday and that means "word of the week day." Today's word is:


And what a wonderful word this is. Just saying the word, "confident" makes you want to stand tall and proud. A mighty word, it means to be full of conviction, to be strong and self assured in what you believe and do.

Who is confident in this picture?
Is it the kitty cat walking proudly in front of all of these police dogs knowing that she can or is it all of the police dogs who have been trained to not leave their post even when they want to chase that kitty cat? Both are confident of who they are and in their present surroundings.

The three girls racing are all confident that they can run a good race. But one girl is confident that she will win the race. Who do you think that would be?

These boys are confident that if they do their homework, they will do well in school. They are also confident that they can learn. That the books on the desk will provide them with the answers they need to any questions they have. That is the best part about learning. If you walk into a classroom or a library you can be confident that any questions you have will be found in either place. We are surrounded by lots of answers and solutions to any questions or puzzles we may come across. We just have to be confident that we can find them.

Now, don't forget to use the word "confident" in a sentence three times today. Here is grandma-ma's first sentence: "I am confident that my raviolis will leave a comment for me today."

Love to all my ravs. Grandma-ma

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man of War Cay

Hello my raviolis.  Grandma-ma and Grampy are having a wonderful time in the little island or Cay (pronounced key) of Man of War.  It is a very small island and the most water active. Everyone here has a boat and usually several.  They are a boat building island and are well known throughout the Bahamas.  We are staying here for a few days before we take our boat to the other side of the island. 

Say hello to my little friend. 
Curly tails, as they are known, although this one lost part of his curl run all over the islands.  They are fun to watch and scurry.

Gators in the Bahamas.  NOOOOO.  This stone gator is out front of a locals residence.  I thought it was neat.

Everyone travels by golf cart on these tiny islands.  I liked this cart because it was covered with children's hand prints.  The owner told me it was the hand prints of all of the kids on the island school.  Grades K - 6.  There are 27 kids in the Man of War school.
I like the hand prints on the golf cart.  How many hand prints would you see from your school?  You would need many, many golf carts to show all of the school children's hands.

Pretty beaches on the island of Man of War. Have a lovely day my raviolis and be good.  Grandma-ma and Grampy love you all very much.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is grandma-ma doing?

Do you know what grandma-ma is doing right now?  Take a guess. 
Could she be log rolling?

Nah, she is not log rolling, but this is fun to do.

Could she be making pies?

Grandma-ma does like to make pies, but no, she is not making pies.

Give up?  Okay, grandma-ma is on a plane to visit grampy in the Bahamas!!!

Yes, grandma-ma is flying to the beautiful islands in the Bahama chain and will spend a week on our little sailboat.  Must messing with the boat and the beautiful waters.  I will snorkel and swim and lay in the sun.   I wish you could all be with me but I will send you photos so look for them on your blog.  Love and kisses.  Grandma-ma

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grandma-ma gets a crown

Yes, Grandma-ma gets a crown.  It's NOT a queens crown like this one.

It's not a Princess runway crown like this one either. This is a pretty crown, I think.

Now this is crown that grandma-ma would like to wear. 
Grandma-ma loves the sea and sea shells. 
But no, this is not the crown that grandma-ma received.

  Grandma-ma received a crown, but it was a crown for her tooth.  A crown for a tooth you ask.  Yes, when you damage a tooth or old fillings begin to expand and crack the natural tooth, you must put a "crown" over it.  That is the crown that grandma-ma got last week.

Grandma-ma's back molar cracked and a small piece of tooth fell out.  It didn't hurt, but it was sharp against my tongue.  I had to go see a dentist who repaired grandma-ma's broken tooth and he will put a new crown on it. The crown will protect the rest of the tooth and keep it from developing cavities.  Did it hurt to put a crown on? That is a very good question. It did not.  When you go to the dentist to have a crown put on your tooth, the dentist will numb the side of your mouth so you don't feel anything while they work on your mouth.  They were very gentle and took good care of grandma-ma tooth.  Now she has a new crown.  It is not a princess crown or a crown like a queen wears, but it is a very important crown to have.  Have a wonderful day my raviolis and remember to always brush your teeth.  Grandma-ma loves you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can you see them?

Can you see the baby birds?  Look hard. Do you see them? 

Of course you don't...they left their nest sometime this afternoon and have flown off.
I came home for lunch to let Kota out for a quick run and noticed that momma robin was nowhere to be seen. I heard no babies peeping for worms.  I looked up and found a quiet nesting area.  The babies have left their nest to begin their own lives.  I hope they will stay around the yard so I can listen to their pretty songs So far this year, each gutter had a Robin's nest in it and Grampy and I have seen three sets of peeps become robins.  Isn't life wonderful!!!  Have a wonderful day my raviolis.  Grandma-ma loves you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Word of the week Wednesday

Hello wordy raviolis.  Today is word of the week Wednesday and today's word is a unique one.  The word is


Why gamey?  What could that mean?  I does not mean to be in a gaming mood like Wii or x-box or a board game like Candyland. Gamey is a word I use to describe Kota when he needs a bath.

Kota feels and smells "gamey".  You know what that feel and smell is because I know both Squirt and Diesel after running around outside and sweating and playing hard, their fur feels like dirty hair in need of a shampoo and they have an outdoorsey doggie smell..."gamey."  So tonight, when I get home from work and after I have had supper with Grampy, I am going to pick up my gamey dog and give him a bath.

So be sure to use the word gamey in three sentences today.  Here is grandma-ma's first sentence:  After camping in the woods for a week, I felt and smelled gamey.

Now, here is an update on the baby birds.  They have really gotten big in the last week.

There are four birds in the nest but how many can you see in this picture?

Here is momma robin.  She is upset that I am on the deck so I will go inside so she can feed her hungry babies.  Have a wonderful day today, my raviolis and hugs and kisses to all of you.  Grandma-ma

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Italian Ravs are now New York Ravs

Good morning my raviolis.  First, the Italian raviolis are now safe and back home in the United States and that makes them now New York raviolis since that is where they will be living.  We are all so happy they you are home and going to be closer to us. 

Now, I thought you might like to see how the what has hatched in the robin's nest on Grandma-ma's and Grampy's deck.  The little eggs have hatched and their are four baby robins peeping for food.  If you watch the video closely, you will see four hungry robins suddenly pop their heads up and start to peep for food.

What noisy little peepers they are.  They are growing by leaps and bounds every day and it won't be long before mommy robin pushes them out of the nest to teach them to fly. 

Did you notice that grandma-ma also changed out the background.  My 4-cheese ravioli asked for a sparkle background, but I couldn't get the background to sparkle so I  did a summertime background for now.  I'm still trying to see if I can do a sparkle background so it may show up one day.  Wishing all of my raviolis a happy Tuesday.  Love Grandma-ma