Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Italian Ravs are now New York Ravs

Good morning my raviolis.  First, the Italian raviolis are now safe and back home in the United States and that makes them now New York raviolis since that is where they will be living.  We are all so happy they you are home and going to be closer to us. 

Now, I thought you might like to see how the what has hatched in the robin's nest on Grandma-ma's and Grampy's deck.  The little eggs have hatched and their are four baby robins peeping for food.  If you watch the video closely, you will see four hungry robins suddenly pop their heads up and start to peep for food.

What noisy little peepers they are.  They are growing by leaps and bounds every day and it won't be long before mommy robin pushes them out of the nest to teach them to fly. 

Did you notice that grandma-ma also changed out the background.  My 4-cheese ravioli asked for a sparkle background, but I couldn't get the background to sparkle so I  did a summertime background for now.  I'm still trying to see if I can do a sparkle background so it may show up one day.  Wishing all of my raviolis a happy Tuesday.  Love Grandma-ma

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Doris Sturm said...

What noisy little beepers, but you cheated, you got them going by first instigating the dog to bark and then beeping yourself....aha, I cought you!!!!

Those little necks couldn't have been stretched any longer if they tried. How sweet - thanks so much for sharing!

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend and I'm glad your Raviolis are close by for you to hug and love on :-)