Thursday, June 17, 2010

Word of the week Wednesday

Hello my happy raviolis. Today is Wednesday and that means "word of the week day." Today's word is:


And what a wonderful word this is. Just saying the word, "confident" makes you want to stand tall and proud. A mighty word, it means to be full of conviction, to be strong and self assured in what you believe and do.

Who is confident in this picture?
Is it the kitty cat walking proudly in front of all of these police dogs knowing that she can or is it all of the police dogs who have been trained to not leave their post even when they want to chase that kitty cat? Both are confident of who they are and in their present surroundings.

The three girls racing are all confident that they can run a good race. But one girl is confident that she will win the race. Who do you think that would be?

These boys are confident that if they do their homework, they will do well in school. They are also confident that they can learn. That the books on the desk will provide them with the answers they need to any questions they have. That is the best part about learning. If you walk into a classroom or a library you can be confident that any questions you have will be found in either place. We are surrounded by lots of answers and solutions to any questions or puzzles we may come across. We just have to be confident that we can find them.

Now, don't forget to use the word "confident" in a sentence three times today. Here is grandma-ma's first sentence: "I am confident that my raviolis will leave a comment for me today."

Love to all my ravs. Grandma-ma

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