Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's another happy day

Hello my happy raviolis.  Today is another wonderful day.  We have our loved ones, our friends and our home.  We are all so very lucky.  So today I thought I would post photos that are happy or funny or just neat.

I still don't know why this bunny rabbit has pancakes on its head...I just like it.

 This is a photo of a large head of coral and it looks just like a happy face to grandma-ma.  I took this photo when snorkeling in Green Turtle Key, Bahamas. 

I like this photo of happy children playing with the bunny rabbit in leaves.  They look like they are having a lot of fun.

 This is the happiest kitty I have ever seen.  She looks like she has a silly joke to share with us.  

How neat is this reggea wig made from pretty twists of yarn.  I would wear it, would you?
Let me know with a comment and have a happy, happy day today. Grandma-ma and Grampy love you. 

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