Friday, February 4, 2011

Stuck in Spaghetti

Hello my raviolis!  Stuck in Spaghetti, well grandma-ma was stuck in spaghetti a few days ago.  Grampy made grandma-ma a wonderful supper of Chicken Marsiella with spaghetti noodles.  I was excited to finally eat some food that wasn't like baby food now that I'm getting used to the braces in my mouth. 

Love spaghetti.  Don't you?

Well grandma-ma twirled the hot noodles around her fork and put them in her mouth.  Everything seemed to be fine.  Nice, hot noodles and then as I tried to chew them to swallow, they got all tangled up in my mouth.  They wouldn't breakdown so I could swallow them.  Oh No!  Grandma-ma had to start pulling out one long strand of spaghetti at a time so she wouldn't choke.  Having these braces is not fun right now.

So if I want to eat noodles it must be chariot wheels or 

Rigatoni or even grandma-ma's favorite...Raviolis...but you knew that one!

Have a wonderful Friday my ravs and be good!  Love Grandma-ma

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