Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look at Grandma-ma's teeth!

Guess what, my raviolis?  Grandma-ma had her braces taken off today.  She went in for her appointment and the dentist said it was time to take the braces off.  Look how straight Grandma-ma's teeth have gotten.

Grandma-ma is wearing a pair of clear retainers. If you look closely you can see the line of the retainer.  I will wear them for three weeks and then go visit the dentist again and they will put in a permanent retainer for me. 

Here is a picture of grandma-ma's teeth before she had the braces put on.  Look how crooked they are.

Here is the first picture that was taken the day grandma-ma got her braces put on.   
Look how crooked the teeth were when grandma-ma first had her braces put on.  It took 8 months to straighten grandma-ma's teeth. It was hard to eat sometimes and I had to cut my food up in small pieces like you would prepare for toddlers.  The braces did not hurt, but after each new wire that was put on, my teeth would be numb for a few days.  Now that the braces are off, grandma ma is looking forward to eating something very special.  Something that she can only get in New York.  Can you guess what it is?  It is a slice of a New York Pizza pie.  Will I get a slice when I visit the NY raviolis?  We shall see.

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