Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Marshmallow Wreath

Hello my raviolis.  Here is a very simple wreath you can make out of marshmallows.  It is easy to make and would look pretty on your door or you can make smaller ones for your windows.

You can use both large and small marshmallows to make your wreath.

Start with a styrofoam wreath base.   Suggest starting off with an 8 or 10 inch form.  5 or 6 inch form if you want to make smaller wreaths.

You will need a box of toothpicks.

And at least two bags of marshmallows (large size) and one bag of small marshmallows.

Start by pushing toothpicks about an inch apart and pushed halfway into the foam wreath.  Once you have half the wreath filled with toothpicks, you can begin pushing marshmallows onto them.  Continue to do this until you have covered your wreath with squishy marshmallows.  Then put in the refrigerator overnight to let the marshmallows relax and stick on the toothpicks. You are now ready to hang it on your door or from your windows with a pretty ribbon.

How fun was this?  Send me a photo of your marshmallow wreath so I can put it up on your blog.  Love Grandma-ma.


jordiegirl said...

I'd never complete one as I'd eat all the marshmallows before it was made!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Grandma, this is really beautiful! Have you figured out a way to preserve it yet? Maybe a spray lacquer would work. Thanks for the great idea.