Monday, July 30, 2012

Say hello to Sushi

Hello my raviolis.  When I got to work this morning, I had discovered that G-Qam, my little Siamese fighting fish, had passed on.  He was a good fishee and I had him for a few years.  

So I cleaned out his tank.

 The Foo Dogs are keeping watch over the tank.

I went to Walmart and found this little guy and brought him to his new home.  I think I will call him Sushi.

Grandma-ma...did you put the container with Sushi in the water?  I sure did.  When you bring home a fish you should place the bag or container in the water for a few hours so the temperature in the container will match the temperature of the tank. This also allows the fish to relax from all of the jostling they get when moving from one location to another.  Sushi stayed in the container for about three hours.

It is time to let Sushi out of his container and into his new tank.  He loves it.  Sushi swims up and down and hides in the little sea anemone at the bottom of the tank.  It is not a real anemone but a fake one.

Here is a little video of Sushi swimming around his new home.  I think he is very handsome with his brilliant aqua blue colors.

So welcome Sushi...I hope you will swim around a long time in the tank on Grandma-ma's work shelf.

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