Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monkey Face Orchid

 Hello my raviolis.  Today I want to share with you a very interesting flower.  It is an orchid that looks like a monkey face.  Nature is so grand in all of her cleverness and these wonderful orchids come from the south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests.

 Its scientific name is Dracula simia.  "Simia" stands for "simian" and this remarkable orchid bears more than a passing resemblance to a monkey’s face. The Dracula (genus) part of its name refers to the strange characteristic of the two long spurs of the sepals, reminiscent of the fangs of a certain Transylvanian count of film and fiction fame.

Wouldn't it be fun to see these in real life?  They say they blossoms smell like oranges.  What fun to see a monkey face in a flower that smells like oranges.  Have a wonderful day my raviolis. Grandma-ma loves you.

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