Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet Gynness

Hello my raviolis.  By now you know that grandma-ma is bringing home a rescue dog.   She is a miniature dachshund who is 3 years old and her name is Gynness.  She is a pretty chocolate brown and then her coloring gets darker down her long back to a black brown color. 

Look at those sweet eyes.

Grandma-ma went shopping and bought her a new bed to snooze in.  A pretty french blue mink blanket will keep her warm and let her snuggle under it.

Gynness is crate trained.  That means she will quietly stay in a crate while traveling or during the day while grandma-ma is at work.  We will use the crate for a few weeks and then slowly let her stay out of it when grandma-ma is at work.  She will have to learn how to tell grandma-ma when she needs to go outside and until she can do that, we will use her crate.  It is a bright lime green and is like a "pup" tent. I think Gynness will like it, don't you?

And finally, another bed for Gynness to sleep in. Grandma-ma has an antique Eastlake cradle that I put a small, mink blanket matt for her to sleep on.  

Gynness is ready for bed.  She gathers up all her toys and puts them in her crate before she snoozes.  She is still wearing a cone around her head to keep her from pulling out the stitches she has on her belly.   Her stitches come out on Thursday and then she comes home to Grandma-ma forever.  I can't wait until she is home with me.  I will post lots of pictures for you to see.

Grandma-ma loves you.

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