Friday, May 7, 2010

Guess who has a birthday today?

We have a birthday today and I bet our 4-cheese ravioli knows whose birthday today is.    Why it is Grandpa in New York.  Grandpa Ed Smith is married to Grandma Lynn and they are Kerry Waynes parents which makes Kaitlyn his granddaugther. 

Grandpa has spent many years with the fire department so we want to celebarate with special cakes. 

I like this cake of a burning building with all of the fireman working hard.

This is a nifty cake of a firetruck.

Doesn't this look like a real helmet?  Well it is a cake.

Let's wish Grandpa Ed a very happy birthday.  You can leave him a comment on this post and he can read it later.  Love to all. Grandma-ma

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