Saturday, May 1, 2010

What is all this mess?

What is this mess? 

Where did all of this straw and twigs and Kota fur and pieces of thread come from? Why is it all over my deck?  Can you guess?  Do you know what brought this mess to grandma-ma's desk?  Why, it isn't a mess at all.  It's .....

a bird nest, tucked under a warm outdoor lamp an a rain gutter.  Grandma-ma should have know that some Robins were looking to build a nest.  Early, this week when grandma-ma came home for lunch there was a bird flying around the house.  Grandma-ma had to open the screen door all of the way to let the frightened bird out.  Grandma-ma also noticed that in her beak (it was a female robin) were tufts of Kota's fur.  Birds like to use animal hair to line their nests to keep their babies toasty and warm.  This momma robin probably saw some of Kota's fur along the edge of the door way and hopped over to get some and found her way inside of the house by mistake.  So now she and her mate have been very busy building a nest.  When they start sitting on the nest and when the baby peeps arrive, I will try and get more pictures for you.

Kota will have to stay inside while the babies are hatched because the birds will nose dive him like a bombadier.  For now, though, he can still go out and play.  Wishing you a happy Saturday my raviolis.  Grandma-ma


jordiegirl said...

Guessed a bird had popped by and made the 'mess' on your deck.

Hope you have lots of lovely baby robins soon.

We often have birds sit on our roof throwing down the bits of moss that have attached themselves. Suddenly they are thrown down onto our patio. You have to be careful if you are outside otherwise you may get splattered.

If I don't sweep it up it soon disappears as the birds swoop down to gather it up for their nests.

Doris Sturm said...

How sweet. I love watching birds nests and observing momma bird sitting on her eggs and shortly hearing the little tweets of the birdies - maybe even watching them stretch their tiny necks with their beaks wide open - bigger than their heads!

Thank you Kota for helping ;-)