Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ravioli birthdays

Hello my raviolis and especially my birthday ravs.  Yes, two of the raviolis have birthdays this month and close to each other.  One ravioli lives in Aurora and the other lives in New York.  In fact, today is the New York ravioli's birthday and we want to wish our "5-cheese" ravioli a Happy Birthday today.  In honor of our birthday ravs, I have posted several princess cakes to celebrate.  Which is your favorite?

The Princess's in the castle looks very nice.  I like the pretty lilac roses on it.

Everyone loves cupcakes and I think this is a pretty princess birthday cupcake tower.

Wow, a pair of princess's as birthday cakes.  I know a 5-cheese rav who loves Snow White and let's not forget our Aurora ravioli...why there is a Princess Aurora cake too.

What a clever cake with a pretty puffed pillow and crown to eat.  I like the wand and the slipper to.

But this cake, by far is my favorite.  It is a huge, big, tasty princess tower with pretty flowers and butterflies.  You could eat cake for a week and still not finish it all. 

Wishing you both the happiest of birthdays and good wishes.  Love grandma-ma and grampy.

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Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn - Dear Grandmama and Grampy - I love everyone of those Princess Cakes.I LOVE YOU. XOXOXO