Sunday, July 11, 2010

Remembering Peaches

Hello my raviolis.  Some sad news to share with you.  Peaches, Aunt Renee's cat has gone to heaven.  Miss Peaches was with Aunt Renee for 10 years and she received her from a friend when she was a little kitten.  She would run around like a little wind devil getting into everything.  She loved to snuggle and be brushed. 

Peaches taking a snooze.

Peaches looking up with her big green eyes.  Peaches was the softest cat Grandma-ma had ever seen.  She was like a big ball of fluff.

Peaches watching TV with Aunt Renee.  They both liked to watch the Golden Girls together.

Peaches had the pinkest feet you ever saw.  She was such a good girl and she loved Aunt Renee.  We are all very sad that Miss Peaches is no longer with us.  Our hearts hurt and we cried.  It is sad when we lose our pets because they mean so much to us.  They make us laugh and they are always happy to see us.  Give  your pets a nice rub on the head and tell them you love them.  To live with pets is a wonderful gift as they teach us so many things about friendship, unconditional love, teach us responsibility and they make us laugh.  What good things they give us.

Grandma-ma's favorite picture of Peaches.  She is looking at a window.  Such pretty green eyes and big white whiskers. 

Love to you all my ravs and remember to be thankful for your pets.  Grandma-ma

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