Monday, June 27, 2011

Hamster Dance

Today we learned that Kit Kat Maroo Hoo had her final MRI/MRA testing to see how the boo boo in her head has healed.   She had to make one more trip to the hospital and she had to breathe sleeping gas for the test.  She was a trooper!

Do you know what we learned?  We learned that her boo boo is all gone. That she is all healed and can do all of the things she loved to do before she had the boo boo. Grandma-ma is so happy for you sweet girl and she can't wait to go swimming for gems with you again.  So let's all do the happy dance...or better yet, the hamster dance.   Click on the hamster and make sure our speakers are on...Okay, everybody...let's dance!!!!!!
Kisses and happy dances for everybody.  Grandma-ma

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