Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word of the Week Wednesday

Hello my raviolis. It is word of the week Wednesday and I think you will like today's word:


Everybody likes cartoons and in honor of the upcoming holiday, Independance Day or as most of us call it, The Fourth of July...grandma-ma is going to post some of the patriotic cartoons that she watched when she was a little girl.  Many of these were produced during and shortly after World War II.  Now grandma-ma was born in 1954 so these cartoon are even older than grandma-ma.  This cartoon was created in 1939 of Porky Pig, called Old Glory Porky Pig and it is one of my favorites. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

Did you catch something different about the Pledge of Allegiance at the end of the cartoon?  If you know what it is, please leave a comment to this post.  I will tell you if you are correct.  Love you my ravs.  Grandma-ma

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