Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm thinking Pumpkins

Pumpkins???? Grandma-ma, why pumpkins?  Well, my ravs, Indian summer is on its way with warm days and cool nights.  The sun is setting a little earlier these days and you will notice that your shadows are much longer because of it.  When the days get shorter, grandma-ma thinks pumpkins. 

I like pumpkins.  They are big and orange and pretty and fun to decorate and especially to make pumpkin pies with.

I like the white pumpkins you can buy now.  They are pretty in some of grandma-ma's old bowls.

This pumpkin has gummy worms crawling out of its head.  I thing this is very clever...but don't eat the worms.

Another clever decorated pumpkin.  It looks like an octopus on top of a fish.

I bet this is your favorite.  Someone made a pumpkin hamburger bun.

Grandma-ma likes this map of the US using pumpkins.  I bet your teacher would like this too.

Look, it's pacman pumpkins.  Whaca, whaca, whaca...!

This is grandma-ma's favorite.  Look how detailed these decorative pumpkins are.  Someone was very patient when they decorated these. 

Here's smiling at all of you.  Have a pumpkin loving day, my raviolis.  Grandma-ma loves you.

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