Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Word of the Week Wednesday

This is a good one my raviolis. Today's word is


Why, determination, because when you watch this video, you will see determination and self control.

What a good boy to stand so still while his master piles neatly on his nose doggie treats.  It sorta looks like Jenga for dogs.  Still, this good boy knew that if he stood still and wait for his masters voice to get them, he would receive his reward.  That is determination. 

We can use determination while doing our homework.  Sometimes it's just not fun to do it, but...if you work at your assignment quietly and methodically (another good word) the reward is a good grade and knowing that you have just added another "smart tool" into your bag of knowledge tricks.  Sort of like being a Math or Science or History MacGyver.

And we all love MacGyver.  Have a determined day my ravs. Grandma-ma loves you with all her heart and determination!

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