Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Word of the Week Wednesday

Hello my raviolis.  The Wednesday word is a marvelous is:


Yes, Splendora as in Splendora Agatha Cromwell, the grandma-ma to Marnie Piper who we know from the movie "Halloweentown."

Splendora carries a special handbag that magically walks on its own with alligator legs that appear and disappear like magic.  Splendora's bag is full of magic tricks...much like grandma-ma's handbag.  

 This is grandma-ma's new bag of tricks.  It reminds me of Splendora's bag of tricks.  It is big, it has leopard spots on it and a pretty bird with flowers and flames.  Does it have alligator legs and can it walk to grandma-ma?  Well, you will have to see when I come to visit and carry it with me.
Have a wonderful Wednesday my raviolis.  Love Grandma-ma.

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