Monday, April 30, 2012

Octupus and his mobile home

Hello my raviolis.  Today I want to share a video made by CNN reporter, Robert Suntay.  He was diving off the coast of Anilao, Philippines, and came upon an octopus lugging his "mobile home" which is a tin can along the sea floor. "Octopi are very smart but shy critters," he said. "That's why I had to be really patient just waiting for it to see me, get used to me, and then allow me to watch as it was dragging its home around."

 "After trying to move away from me a couple of time, at the end of the video, you can see that it finally decides to just enter its can and cover itself with a shell! Brilliant move!"

What fun to be able to witness this little octupus hold on to his new mobile home and move across the sea bed until he decided to just curl up in the tin can and cover it over with a shell.  Next time grandma-ma and grampy go diving and we see a tin can in the ocean floor, we are going to see who is living inside it.  Have a wonderful Monday, my raviolies. Love Grandma-ma

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