Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swimming Pool Friend

Hello my raviolis.  A special friend came to visit us in Mexico.  He jumped into the pool and began to swim with the guests.  Can you see who came to visit? 

Did you guess a Pelican?  If you did, then you were correct.   A big pelican flew into the pool and began to swim all around.

He liked swimming in the pretty pool at the resort.  He was not in a hurry to leave.

About twenty minutes of swimming, he finally jumped out  and was flapping his wings to dry off.

He then hopped on a lounge chair and made a pelican doodee.  Can you see it on the blue lounge chair?

He then climbed on the top of the lounge chair and sat for a while.  He is really big and was not afraid of anyone.  I wonder if he will come visit us again.  Vacations can be so much fun when unusual guests come to visit.  Have a wonderful day and remember grandma-ma loves you.


Anonymous said...

I love you, but you are so crazy because you showed a picture of pelican poop! You made me laugh . I never saw a pelican before. I miss you and love you very much

Xoxoxo Kit Kat

Unknown said...

Hello. My name is Mark Bittner. My wife, Judy Irving, is a filmmaker and she would like to talk to you about using the images of the pelican in the swimming pool in a documentary film she's making about pelicans. Her email address is films@pelicanmedia.org. If you could write her, she would appreciate it very much.