Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How many staples can you see?

Hello my raviolis.  Grandma-ma has a question for you.  How many staples does grandma-ma have in her knee replacement incision?  Can you tell?  You will have to look closely because there are a few that are lumped together.

Okay, I'm sure you have lots of questions for grandma-ma so let me answer a few right now.

  1. Does it hurt? - Nope, doesn't hurt and it isn't stiff, it feels kinda cool.
  2. How long is the incision?   It is 8 inches in length...that's a lot of staples.
  3. Do I still wear a dressing?  Yes, I do.  It is five soft guaze squares that I place over the entire  incision. This protects it from infectio.
  4. Does it itch?  Not yet, but it may once the incision starts to heal up.
  5. Will is always look like this?   Nope, the staples will come out, the scar will heal over and soften in it's look. It will be thick and white for about a year, but will eventually get smaller and fleshy in color.  
  6. Does grandma-ma worry about what it looks like?  No, not really, it's a sign that tells me I have a new, strong knee that will let me play with my raviolis.  That is a good trade off.
So, how many staples are in grandma-ma's incision?  Try and count and post how many.  Or if you can't put up a comment, then send my your guess in an email. With winner will receive a special prize.   Grandma-ma loves you all.


kaitlyn said...

grandma-ma, the answer is 39. at least that's what i think.i miss you.
xoxoxox kit kat

Sea Witch said...

Yea, Kit Kat won the contest. She guessed correctly. Grandma-ma had 39 staples. You will have to ask her what she one. Hint: There were 39 of them.