Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hello my raviolis, but especially Miss Kit Kat.  Yesterday she and I talked about tea parties and why they are so much fun. We we were talking about how grandma-ma was looking forward to having them again as it will be easier on her "new" knee to stand up, move around, pour teas and prepare fussy little patisserie servers.  KitKat asked what was a "Patisserie"?  I bet the ravioli mommies know what a Patisserie is and I know that Aunt Renee knows what a Patisserie is.  

 They servers filled with fussy little sandwiches, fresh little pastries and tiny, handmade chocolates.  .

 When you attend a "tea or high tea" or take coffee or tea in Europe, the shop will set a patisserie on your table to enjoy with your tea.

Little servings of fruit clean your palette as you move on to different courses.

 These are mini cupcakes that are perfect for teas.

 And of course, you must have pretty bone china tea cups and saucers for freshly brewed teas to try.  

How fun is this giant tower of mini cupcakes?  Now that is a patisserie full of delight.  All of these pretty finger foods take time to make in the kitchen and that is why grandma-ma is excited about her knee replacement.  She will be able to stand for long amounts of time and move around in a kitchen again.   As you can read, Grandma-ma is very excited about her recent knee surgery and how, following a few months of physical therapy, she will be able to run amuck with her raviolis.  Love to all of you.

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