Friday, August 27, 2010

Grandma-ma is home

Hello my wonderful ravs. 
Grandma-ma has been released from the hospital and is now back home with Grampy and Kota Bear.

I like being home with the ones that I love and love me.  Don't you?  It's always good to know that when you are sick or not feeling good or maybe just a little unhappy that the day didn't turn out the way you would have hoped, that you can always go home and jump into the arms of a family pet or a mom or dad or brother and sister or grandma and grandpa or aunts and uncles and know that they love you.  Just that squeeze from them tells you that things will be better and you can start a new day.

I love you my raviolis and thank you for all of the good thoughts, prayers and energy you sent me while I was healing. I am glad to be back home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we love you welcome back home
it's great to see your smiling face

miss you lots grandma-ma

kit kat and all the ny ravs