Monday, January 3, 2011

Gang of lunch snatchers

Hello my wonderful raviolis.  I'm so glad to be back posting on your blog.  I have missed you all.  Grampy and I were in Mexico the last week in December and stayed at a pretty resort in Playa del Carmen.  We had a large lunch restaurant at the pool area that served good things to eat.  But, you could not leave any food on your table for a moment or a "gang" of little thieves would take over your table and eat your food and drinks.  This little gang of Mexican raccoons are called Coati or Coatimundo.  They are from the raccoon family and very friendly.  A family left their lunch on the table and went into the pool and this group of Coati's came running out of the jungle and descended on the food.  It was funny to watch them, especially when they had the soda glass over their head.

This is my favorite picture of the Coati's that were eating and drinking all of the food.  They are so cute and friendly.  They sure left a mess though.

Here is a little video of them.  I think they liked the food the people had ordered.  Well my loves, I hope you enjoy this post and know that grandma-ma loves you all.

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