Friday, January 28, 2011

Grandma-ma has braces

Hello my raviolis.  This has been a busy week for grandma-ma.  Busy at work, busy at home and busy at the dentist. Today. grandma-ma had braces put on her teeth to straighten them out.  Yes, even grandma-ma's get braces.

It took two hours for the dentist and his staff to put the braces on my teeth and he also had to extract a tooth to make room for my crowded teeth.  Did it hurt to have it pulled?  NO, it did not. The doctor gave me a shot of Novocaine and then after my mouth went numb, he extracted the middle center tooth. It was very, very crooked and in the way of my other teeth.

Here is a picture of what grandma-ma's teeth looked like before they put the braces on.

They are very crooked and close together.  It makes flossing very difficult.

Here are my new braces.  Can you see where the missing tooth used to be?  That little hole will heal up and then you won't see it.  See how crooked the wires are?  As the weeks go by, they will begin to straighten up grandma-ma's teeth.  I'm excited about that. It will be nice to have a pretty smile. 

Now, do braces hurt?  No, the braces do not hurt.   But, my teeth tingle because of the pressure of the wires.  I will eat soups and jello for a few days.  The hard part about braces is getting used to the plastic on my teeth that scraps the inside of my mouth.  That is sore and it will take about a week to build up a callous on the inside of my mouth.  Then it will no longer be sore.  I will put a new picture up in March when I go for an adjustment.  The dentist will tighten up the wire and it will add more pressure to my teeth to straighten up.

Have a wonderful weekend my ravs. Grandma-ma loves you.

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Loretta John said...

As soon as you get the braces, it will also get you to adjust a lot. Yep, you need to adjust to the feeling of having something wrapped around your teeth. And then you'll need to eat soups and anything not solid for days. But it's all worth it, especially since the braces will give you a beautiful, awesome smile.