Sunday, January 30, 2011

Transparent Animals

Hello my raviolis.  Grandma-ma found an article about transparent animals and thought you might like to see some of these unique creatures.

This is called a glasswing butterfly.  The wings are so transparent that they look like glass. 

Jelly fish or "jellies" are transparent and they look like ghosts of the sea.  Grandma-ma loves to watch them swim.

This is a transparent flounder. 

This little frog is transparent too.l  You can see through it's skin and look at all of its organs. 

This is grandma-ma favorite transparent animal.  It is a barrel eye fish.  Only the head of this fish is transparent. 

If  you look at the top of the head you will see two green eyes.  Yes, these are the eyes of the fish.  Not the little eyes you see above the mouth.  Those are actually nostrils or like gills for the fish to breathe.  The green eyes at the top of his head move all around so he can see from side to side and from top to front.  There are lots of other animals that are transparent.  Can you share one with grandma-ma?  If so, post the name of a transparent animal.  Grandma-ma loves you all.

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