Monday, April 11, 2011

Grandma-ma's braces update

Hello my raviolis.  Grandma-ma had her third appointment with the dentist.  It is now 63 days since I first had my braces put on my teeth. Look how much they have moved in just 63 days.

Look how straight the wires are becoming.  Grandma-ma is very pleased with the results.  Now, if you look at the next two photos you can really see how much grandma-ma's teeth have moved.  I think this is amazing, don't you? 

Can you see the differences between the new photo and these two?  What are the differences?

Here is the first photo of the day my braces were put on.  WOW are those wires crooked.  It is really neat the way this process is working to fix grandma-ma's teeth.  She still has to be careful with what she eats and the inside of my mouth can get sore at times. But it will be worth it to have a pretty smile and healthy teeth. 

Love to you all. Grandma-ma

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Anonymous said...

Grandma- ma,

Cool!! I like how your teeth look!!! I have my first loose tooth, is that cool grandma-ma?

Grandma-ma!! I love you :)

Kit kat