Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ravioli News

Hello my raviolis.  Grandma-ma had a wonderful visit with the Italian raviolis in March.  Lots of hugs and kisses were given, Harry Potter movies and stories were watched and read

 and a truck load of diapers were changed and more truckloads of baby bottles were filled and emptied.

A trip to the market was filled with doggies and their owners. 
It was wonderful.

So now grandma-ma has lots of pictures to go through.  When grandma-ma returned to Atlanta, she learned that Denver raviolis are moving into a nice, big house with a fenced in yard and lots of room to play and grow and love each other in.  How wonderful.  Grandma-ma also learned that a certain Denver ravioli did very well on an important test AND...AND his teacher said he increased his grade point.  Grampy and Grandma-ma are very proud of the hard work he is doing.

More news, the Italian raviolis will be moving to New York in June and their mommy worked very hard to locate a house to live in and it is also a nice big house for growing raviolis.  How exciting. 

So my raviolis, have a wonderful Saturday and know that Grampy and Grandma-ma love you all and can't wait to see you again when we can squeeze the hot pockets of goodness right out of you.  Hugs and Kisses

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