Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello my raviolis. Grandma-ma liked talking about jelly beans on Word of the Week Wednesday that she decided it would be fun to have jellybeans as our spring background.  So, I was busy last night creating a colorful and fun to look at background for your blog.  I hope you enjoy the surprise background for the spring season. 

This is what a blog background looks like before you post it for upload.  It is really just two borders with a blank middle area for all of the posts that you read.  Would you like to help grandma-ma make a different background?  Tell me your idea or what you would like to see in a "Raviolis for Lunch" background and grandma-ma will make it and upload it for you.  Have a colorful, jelly bean day my loves.  Grandma-ma

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Anonymous said...


I love the jellybeans super much! Especially mommy.
I would like a heart background. I think that will be pretty! I also like rose flowers.

xoxoxxo love your 4 cheese.