Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring ahead

Good morning my springee raviolis.  Did you remember?  Did you remember to change your clocks last night to welcome Daylight Savings time? 

Grandma-ma and Grampy did.  We remembered to change the clocks to "spring ahead" so if our clocks said 10:00 pm, we moved the hands to 11:00 pm. 

 Now, do we really save time with daylights savings?  Of course not.  What we do receive from Daylight  Savings time is an extra hour of sunlight at night so you can play outside longer.  That is the best part about Daylight Savings time.  So, if you have not moved your clocks ahead one hour, ask mommy or daddy to help you do that.

And remember, now that you have an extra hours of daylight, that is just more daylight hours for grandma-ma and grampy to squeeze the giggles out of you.

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jordiegirl said...

We don't change our clocks in the UK until the last weekend of March so still on GMT here. It will be lovely to change the clocks and be on BST again - it will be a sign that Spring is here.