Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Word of the Week Wednesday

Hello my Wednesday raviolis.  Today is word of the week Wednesday and today's word has to do with Atlanta weather. It is wet and damp outside so today's word is:


So, put on your favorite rain boots or galoshes or wellies:

Grab your favorite umbrella:

Grandma-ma likes umbrella H because it reminds her of Mary Poppins.

and let's go play in the rain!

Here is a neat video that shows people making the sound of rain by doing some very simple things.  My favorite part of the video is when they make the sound of thunder.  After your have watched this neat video, play it again and then close your eyes while listening to it.  You will think you are in the middle of a rain storm.

Be sure to use the word "rain" in three sentences today.   Here is grandma-ma's first sentence:  "Have a happy go lucky, jump in a rain puddle kind of day."  Hugs and kisses to you all.  Grandma-ma

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