Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Word of the week Wednesday

Good morning my Wednesday raviolis.  It's word of the week Wednesday again and today's word is a sweet one.  It is a word that makes people smile when they hear it and that word is:


Everybody loves jelly beans.  They are pretty colors, small shape, and come in lots of different flavors and are sweet to eat.   I know of a raviolios mommy who loves Jelly Bellys.  I wonder what her favorite flavor is.

Brachs and Jelly Belly are the most famous jelly beans you can purchase, but there is another jelly bean that is recently very popular. Can you guess who make them.  Here is a hint, sometimes they taste like pepper or ear wax or even dirt.
You guessed it.  Bertie Botts Beans from Harry Potter.  The jelly bean that is always a surprise no matter the color.  I don't think I would like an ear wax jelly bean, do you?

Did you know that the earliest known appearance of the modern jelly bean was during the American Civil War when William Schraft of Boston promoted sending the candy to soldiers in the Union Army.  It was not until 1930 or so that jelly beans became an Easter candy, presumably from their resemblance to Easter eggs and is now an Easter favorite candy you find in your Easter baskets.

You can find big jellys and little jellys and even spicy jellys...grandma-ma prefers spicy jellys.
What is your favorite jelly bean flavor?  You can leave a comment and tell everyone.  Grandma-ma likes the black ones best.  They are licorice flavor and they make your tongue black too. 
Remember to use the word jellybean in three sentences today.  Here is grandma-ma's first sentence:   Jellybeans on a cupcake make a pretty design.

Have a wonderful Wednesday my happy jellybeans.  Grandma-ma

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Anonymous said...


I love the strawberry flavored jellybeans the best. Mommy likes all kinds of course jelly belly but at Easter time Russel Stover the best. Mommy and me have a fun time sitting watching movies and eating a bag of jelly beans.

xoxoxo 4 cheese- i love u xoxoxoxo
xoxoxoxoxoxox( from kit kat)