Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flat Stanley goes swimming

Hello my raviolis.  The thunderstorms have finally settled down this evening and the LifeTime Fitness pool was open for grandma-ma and Flat Stanley to go swimming.  The pool always closes when their is thunder and lightning for safety reasons.

There are four pools at Life Time Fitness.  Two large outdoor pools with lots of play and swimming areas and two inside pools.  The two inside pools are a lap pool, which grandma-ma swims in, and a huge play pool for children with water slides and a walk in play area.  They are always lots of fun.

Here is Flat Stanley waiting for grandma-ma to get her swim goggles, her lap timer and her bathing cap out of her swim bag.  He is standing at the edge of the lap pool.

There are five lanes in the lap pool. Grandma-ma and Flat Stanley are in the middle lane.  Grandma-ma swims 16-32 laps when she swims.  A lap is when you swim from one end (or length) of the pool and then back again.  So 16 laps would be 32 lengths. 
Flat Stanley thought it was a very long way from the edge.

Flat Stanley finally took a jump into the water and floated over to the lane dividers and said the water was fine.
 Here is a video of Flat Stanley swimming with Grandma-ma.  I think he liked swimming, don't you?   

Flat Stanley got a little wet, can you see where his hair is wet and his clothes are wet?  He will dry off soon.  Flat Stanley had lots of fun swimming today and watching grandma-ma swim back and forth down the lap pool lane.  He counted 16 laps that grandma-ma swam today.  That is a half mile swim.  I'm glad that Flat Stanley came to swim with me today.

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