Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend with Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley had a very busy weekend.  Grandma- ma made him new clothes out of beautiful rice papers from South Korea.  Aunt Maura and Uncle Brian lived in South Korea, teaching English, and used these pretty papers on gifts they sent to Grampy and me. 
I think Flat Stanley looks very  handsome in his new clothes, don't you?  Now that he has new clothes, it was time for a new adventure.

On Saturday mornings, Grandma-ma goes antiquing.  She likes to look for unique and interesting items to sell in her antique booths.  So Flat Stanley is driving in the rain with Grandma-ma to her favorite spot to find treasure.

Grandma-ma and Flat Stanley found this neat old wooden ironing board, the pretty stained glass window pane and two large gold leaf frames.

We found these two pretty glass Easter bunnies with egg candles.  Flat Stanley liked finding the bunnies.

Flat Stanley came with grandma-ma to Queen of Hearts Antique Store where grandma-ma has her two booths.  He liked standing on the white display table next to the glass Easter bunnies.

Can you find Flat Stanley?  He is waving to you.

Grandma-ma took Flat Stanley to a popular Atlanta restaurant, "The Varsity."  They serve hot dogs and hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. They also have the best french fries and onion rings and icy cold coca cola.  When you come into the Varsity, the counter staff are very busy and they yell out to you, "what'ell ya have?".  It's lots of fun to visit the Varsity.

Flat Stanley is on the counter waiting for his order.

Flat Stanley received a Varsity paper hat from the counter staff.  He likes the cold Coke and hot fries.

On Sunday, Flat Stanley came with grandma-ma to the local nail salon for a manicure and pedicure.

Flat Stanley is picking out a color for grandma-ma's toes.  What color do you think he will pick?

Flat Stanley is sitting in the pedicure chair where grandma-ma will have her toes pampered.  Don't fall into the foot bath Flat Stanley.

Grandma-ma's toes all polished up.  Did you guess the color that Flat Stanley picked for me?  It was Princess Pink because that is the color that Kit Kat loves best.

Flat Stanley had a lot of fun this weekend.  Tomorrow he goes for a swim with grandma-ma. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma-ma and flat stanley,

I thought that flat stanley was going to pick blue nail polish, because i know that is your favorite color.
I really really really really really like flat stanley's new clothes.
I love that I had too find flat stanley in the picture's.
xooxoxoxoxoxo kit kat