Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flat Stanley visits Cisco

Hello my raviolis. Today, grandma-ma took Flat Stanley to work.  Grandma-ma works at Cisco for the Video Center of Excellence with lots of engineers who make sure that you receive the video stream that brings you your favorite shows on TV.  Flat Stanley got to see lots of technology. 

His first stop was in front of my computer screens with your blog showing Flat Stanley and next to that is grandma-ma's iphone displaying the Flat Stanley app.  Yes, there is an app for Flat Stanley!

Flat Stanley is standing in front of motherboards that decorate grandma-ma's office.  A motherboard can be found inside of everyone's computer or laptop. It makes your computer run.

Flat Stanley recognized Kaitlyn's daddy on my cube wall.

Flat Stanley is in Mr. Bouchard's pocket.  Mr. B is an engineer who is chatting on his computer with another engineer on a customer site. Flat Stanley likes all of these different ways to communicate.

Flat Stanley is ready to visit the Digital Video Lab.  He waited for Grandma-ma by the roadcase that grandma-ma uses to ship tools to engineers on different customer sites all around the world.  

Flat Stanley is getting ready to enter the Digital Video Lab.  The door is always locked and you must have the key to enter.  There is no eating or drinking in here because it is filled with very expensive equipment.  We use the lab to teach engineers how to fix breakdowns and ensure all of the shows you like to watch continue to come into your living room or laptops. 

Flat Stanley is standing on top of a test monitor.  He is surrounded by lots of equipment.  It is very hot in the lab so we didn't stay too long.

Flat Stanley jumped on top of another roadcase.   This roadcase contains tools and equipment that engineers will use in the test lab.

I think Flat Stanley liked visiting Cisco.  I know we enjoyed having him.  
Stop by tomorrow to see where Flat Stanley goes next.

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Jason said...

That Bouchard guy is a stud