Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flat Stanley visits Mizuno

Hello my raviolis.  Today Flat Stanley went with Aunt Renee to her work place.  Aunt Renee works for Mizuno USA where they make sporting equipment for baseball, golf, running and vollyball. 

Flat Stanley is very excited about this visit to Aunt Renee's place of work.   There is a giant baseball glove chair in the main lobby. 

It is so big that Flat Stanley feels like a tiny baseball in it.  Aunt Renee says it is the favorite chair in the lobby and everyone likes to sit in it.

Look!  Flat Stanley is "President of Mizuno" for a day.   He is sitting in the chair of the company's president.  Flat Stanley feels very important.  Now let's go visit the baseball division.

Mizuno makes lots of different kinds of ball gloves.  Softball, baseball, little league and big league gloves.  Gloves for children and gloves for adults.  Gloves for the left hand and gloves for the right hand.  Look, I fit in a black glove very nicely.

Flat Stanley jumped in shoes made for Chipper Jones, the Braves baseball player. 

Chipper Jones plays third base and left field and is baseball's best switch hitter. A switch hitter is someone who can bat both right handed or left handed. Kaitlyn's daddy was a switch hitter when he played little league.

Look, Flat Stanley had his picture taken with the league jersey belonging to Braves player, John Smoltz.   

Can you guess what Flat Stanley is doing now?  He is learning to assemble golf clubs in the manufacturing warehouse. 

 This has been a very busy morning for Flat Stanley so he stopped for lunch with Maureen, a Mizuno friend of Aunt Renee's. 

Mizuno makes lots of running shoes.  Flat Stanley is testing these running shoes and decided that they are very good for running in.

Flat Stanley is running with Antonio Vega, a marathoner.  A marathoner is a long distance runner and runs many, many miles.

Flat Stanley had a wonderful visit to Mizuno with Aunt Renee.  Thank you Aunt Renee for taking me all around and showing me where you work.

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