Monday, March 21, 2011

Flat Stanley is here!

Hello my raviolis.  Guess who came in grandma-ma's and grampy's mailbox.  The answer...flat Stanley.

My little five cheese ravioli sent Flat Stanley to visit with Grandma-ma and Grampy.  We are going to take Flat Stanley all around with us to different places and to participate in different activities.  We will take pictures and write about his adventures.  Flat Stanley will even visit with Aunt Renee. What fun this will  be.

Look at me Kaitlyn, I'm hiding in a big bull helmet shell on grandma-ma's deck.  Grandma-ma has two of these big sea shells on her deck and I decided to hide in one.

This is like a  big sleeping bag for Flat Stanley.

I also met Kota today.  He gave me doggie/coyote kisses and didn't eat me.  He prefers to chew his doggie bones instead.  Look, he let me hold his paw.  I like Kota.  My first day at Grandma-ma and Grampy's house was fun.  I know we will have lots of fun adventures together. 

Thank you Kaitlyn for sending Flat Stanley to us. We are going to have a good time.  Love and kisses to you.  Grandma-ma

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