Monday, April 12, 2010

Countdown to Aurora visit

Hello my monday raviolis. Spring break is over in Atlanta and all of the kids are back on the bus headed to class.  Grandma-ma was very busy over the weekend trying to fight the pollen and pulling down suitcases for our trip to Colorado on Saturday.

This is not grandma-ma's suitcase, but she wishes it was.  Grandma-ma likes old fashioned things.  Grampy and Grandma-ma will have big purple wheeled luggage that you can find easily at the baggage counter. 

Grandma-ma will also have her laptop case with her so she can access her email and set up her blog postings while in the airports.  There will be a book to read in the backpack and also some snacks should their be a delay in the flight. 
And grandma-ma will have her digital camera with her to take lots and lots and lots of pictures of the Aurora raviolis.    This is an exciting trip for her, because she has never met the Aurora raviolis up close and in person.  She has only spoken to them on the phone or have seen pictures of them.  She can't wait to squeeze the giggles out of them. Love to you all, Grandma-ma.

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Doris Sturm said...

I love Colorado! Bon voyage :-)