Monday, April 26, 2010

Mouthwash Shake

Everyone knows about the "truffle shuffle" ...that happy little dance that "Chunk" was always made to do before he could enter the Walsh home in "The Goonies."

But did you know about another happy dance called the "Mouthwash shake"? Well, as the story goes, it was first danced when a certain Aurora ravioli was brushing his teeth and went to use the mouthwash.  The bottle says to "shake" and so "shake" he did.  Mom came walking by and saw the first dance and began laughing.  With this "earth shaking event" a new dance was born and here it is:

We love the mouthwash shake, especially the dark glasses.  Have a wonderful day and remember Grandma-ma loves you all.  (Goonies never say die!)

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