Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Word of the Week Wednesday

Hello my raviolis.  Today 's word of the week for Wednesday is:


Why "doctor" you say?  Well, today, grandma-ma had her yearly physical exam to make sure that she is healthy and everything was working like it should. 

The doctor listened to my heart beat.

She took my blood pressure,

I had to give a urine sample...go ahead, you can giggle,
grandma-ma said "urine."

and they took an EKG of my heart.

So far, everything is good.  Grandma-ma was very pleased.  Going to the doctor doesn't always seem like fun, but you do get hooked up to interesting machines, they make you stick your tongue out and say "ahh," they look in your ears and your eyes, they take your temperature and tap your knees with a hammer.  I like knowing that a doctor is available to take care of me when I need help.  So make sure you use the word doctor in three sentences today.  Here is grandma-ma's first sentence:

Grandma-ma had her yearly physical today and the doctor was pleased with her results.  Have a wonderful and healthy day my ravs.  Grandma-ma

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pee pee
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