Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Word of the week Wednesday

Hello my Wednesday Raviolis.  Today, being Wednesday, means it is Word of the Week Wednesday and today's Wednesday word is brought to you by the Aurora raviolis.  That word is:

"contraption" that is a big word.  Three syllables and a word that just sounds like it has great importance attached to it.   What is a contraption? Well, a contraption is a strange machine or device. Almost always created from bits and pieces of found objects and items that are discarded and become the inventor's friend.  Owen and Caleb and friends decided to build a "contraption" to roll water balloons down.  Let's see if their contraption on the video now.

From the cheers we hear, it was a success.  What fun it is to build a contraption.  So, here is Grandma-ma's sentence using the word contraption:  "Aaron and Jason as little boys, liked to build a contraption from discarded objects."  Now, go and use the word contraption in two more sentences.  Love to all of my raviolis and their contraptions.  Grandma-ma

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