Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Word of the Week Wednesday

Hello my Wednesday ravs, I hope you are all healthy and happy on this fine Wednesday.  Today is word of the week day and today's word is


Why the word, "hiding"...well, grandma-ma has a new fish to replace Deefo who passed away last week.  I bought another Siamese fighting fish in bright blue, green and red.  This Siamese is a special breed because he is a crown tail Beta.  The crown tails are a little smaller and have funny looking fins and tail. They are like the rock stars of a home aquarium with their bright colors and punked out fins.  But my new, little fish is spooked by everything since I put him in his new home.  I guess he thinks he is still at Walmart with all of the kids poking his tiny bowl.  He has a nice tank to swim around in, an artificial anemone to hide in and pretty rocks to swim around. As  you can see, he likes to  hide under the anemone.

Can you see his bright red tail and fins?  Grandma-ma spent lots of time trying to capture a picture of him but he prefer to hide the minute he sees the camera.  So I will have to try when he is not "hiding."  So here is grandma-ma first sentence:

My new fish is hiding between the rocks.

Be sure to use the word hiding in three sentences today too.  Love grandma-ma

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