Friday, April 23, 2010

Kota escapes

Hello my ravioilis.  Today I am going to share with you a Kota story.  We are having lovely weather in Atlanta right now and so when I go home for lunch, I will let Kota out on the deck so he can sit in the sun and chase "tree rats" in the back yard.  Because it is fenced in, and I'm only 5 minutes away from home, I could return to work and leave the back deck door opened for Kota to come and go.

Picture of Kota eating a steak bone before we put the patio in.

Apparently, NOT!!!!  I came home for lunch and who is waiting for me at the front door, but Kota! I was horrified.  I wondered how did you get out of the yard.  Well, Kota dug a big hole under the gate and then pushed the cinder block out of the way with his nose...that wiley coyote. 

No more leaving the back door cracked for him to come and go. He will just have to stay inside until I get home from work or when Alan is home.  In the meantime, I have to fix the back door so he cannot dig under it any more.   

Here is a cute video of a big lab digging a hole at the beach.

Doggies love to dig to bury their bones or doggie treasures or if they are after prey or if they are bored.  I think Kota was bored and wanted to run around the neighborhood.    Have a wonderful day my raviolis.  Hugs and kisses to you all.

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Owen Echols said...

I love what you put on raviolis for lunch I think that the contraption and the maco lebbre masks the birds are like decoration for raviolis for lunch it is so cool we all love you so much grandma and grandpa brown love you so much Owen Caleb and Lili bye.
Owen Caleb and Lili
love you so much.