Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st

Hello my raviolis.  It is Monday,  February 1st today and that means we are entering the shortest month of the year.  28 days, unless it is a leap year and then it would have 29 days.  Our next leap year will in 2012 when an extra day will be added.  It is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon.

It is also the only month of the calendar that once every six years and twice every 11 years, will have only four full 7-day weeks. 

Do you know the famous poem about February?  Here it is:

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
Excepting February alone
Which hath but twenty-eight, in fine,
Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.

The symbols of February are the flower,Violet

and the gemstone, Amethyst.  Both pretty purple colors.

February may be a short month, but is packed with holiday.  We will learn about them throughout the month.  Look for the most important one tomorrow my February raviolis.  Love  Grandma-ma

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