Thursday, February 25, 2010

Report card day in Denver

Hello my raviolis.  Some of my raviolis go to school and some are still young enough to stay at home with their mom.  This week was report card week for the raviolis living in Denver. When I was a little girl, I was always scared during report card week.

We were handed our report cards in school and had to bring them home and have our parents review and sign them and then return them to the school.  Grandma-ma went to a Catholic school so the parish priest would come into each grade and look at each report card in front of the class and you would walk to the desk where he sat at and wait for him to hand you the report card.  The priest was always very serious and if you did not have a good report card he would ask you why in front of the entire class.  Grandma-ma would shake in her boots until the priest said "Good report card, Dari Ann."  Now, grandma-ma always had a good report card for learning, so she never had to explain why she didn't do her best.  However, grandma-ma always had to explain why she had low marks in "self-control."  Grandma-ma liked to play loud, talk a little too much at times and especially loved to color and draw pictures of the Catholic saints and angels during class instead of listening to the nuns.    I would be shaking and so nervous as I tried to explain to the priest why I preferred to jump on my pogo stick then play dolls with my girlfriends.  He never understood grandma-ma and thought she should play more like a little girl then a loud, little boy. 

So Denver raves had report cards this week and it sounds like good grades for everyone.  One, special Denver rav admitted that he did not do his best even with what may look like good grades.  This was an honest thing to share with those who love him.  As grandma-ma said to him last evening, when you don't do the best you can in something, you short change and let yourself down the most.   Learning and acquiring knowledge may seem like work at times, but you never know what important information you will need to pull out of your "knowledge bag of tricks."  Sometimes, knowing that special little piece of information can be the answer you are looking for to solve a problem.

A favorite TV show of grandma-ma's and Jason and Aaron when they were little was called MacGyver.  He never stopped learning and we all loved what he could do with a stick of chewing gum, an eraser or paper clip.  It was always fun to see how he would solve problems using simple tools around him. 

Here is a secret that grandma-ma will share with you.  Grandma-ma loves to be around people who know interesting things.  She loves to hear about nifty tricks and bits of information and special skills that you may learn about or acquire.  One of the reasons why I like being around people who know interesting things is that they like to share what they know and then grandma-ma can learn all about them too.  I hope you will always want to share the interesting things that you know, my raviolis, with grandma-ma.  I love you all and special report card hugs and kisses for the Denver raviolis.  Love grandma-ma

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