Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Hello my valentines day raviolis.  Today is Valentine's Day and grampy and I wish you a kissable, huggable, hope you have a heart filled and fun day.

Here is a picture of grandma-ma's Valentines Day table.

On the tablel are the lovely tulips from the Italian raviolis, a pretty tea light from Aunt Karen, a mermaid glass from Grandma Lynn (grandma-ma loves mermaids), a heart box of candy for Grampy and a package of peanut butter cups from Grampy for all the ladies in the house today.  Because everyone loves peanut butter cups.  Grampy is a very clever man.

So my loves, have a wonderful day and wishing you all a sweet Valentines Day.  Love Grandma-ma

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