Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow for Family

Good morning my saturday raviolis.  Today Grampy and Grandma-ma have family from New York visiting.  Grandma and Aunt Karen (twisted sisters) have come from cold New York to enjoy springtime in the south.  Well instead, Grandma and Aunt Karen spent almost 10 hours getting here because they had to fly through our southern snow storm.  Here are some pictures of Grandma-ma's and Grampy's house taken this morning as Grandma and Grandma-ma drove to get breakfast bagels.

Subdivision road where grandma-ma and grampy live.

Across the street from our house.  How pretty everything is, but not very southern weather.  It is cold and grandma-ma only wears flip flops.

The bushes near our garage. 

The tree below our back deck.

Aunt Karen and Grandma finally get home to the Brown house and the snow is still falling.  This is a picture of the hanging tree branch full of snow in front of the street light.  Grandma-ma thinks it is a pretty picture but would prefer palm trees in front of the street light.

Breakfast at Grampy's.  Fresh bagels from the place up the street with lots of good schmears, fresh hot coffee and good family and conversation.   I wish you were all here my raviolis, you could play in the snow.  Love to all and keep warm.  Look for more family adventures tomorrow. Love Grandma-ma

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