Monday, February 22, 2010

Good News my raviolis!

Hello my raviolis.  Grandma-ma just came from the doctor and the doctor said:

NO SWINE FLU!!!!  yea, queue the happy, squealing piggies.

Well, it also helped that grandma-ma spoke with Cristi (mother of the raviolis living in Denver) who also happens to be nurse, and explained that it was most likely a varient strain of flu that masks as H1N1.  Cristi was's so nice to have a smart nurse in the family. 

So grandma-ma is still at home recuperating and resting and will do so tomorrow too.  Love to all of you my healthy raviolis and stay that way too.  Squealing piggy hugs and kisses to you.

1 comment:

Grandma said...

Soooooooo glad to hear that it's not the Swine Flu! Make sure you get plenty of rest so you can go visit with our Grandchildren.
Today Grampy can be your gopher!
Feel bettr soon.